Rainbow Riches Slot Review

Where can I play Rainbow Riches?


Everyone in the gambling community would of some point in their life had a go at winning on the Rainbow Richies Slot game as it is by far most popular slot game out there at the moment. With the expansion of online slots its not only found in amusements and casinos across the UK but game developers Virtue Fusion have now made it available to play online, is it any reason why it’s become the most popular played online slot? With its rich colours, exciting bonus rounds (3 of which I might add), great imagery and of course not forgetting the Irish themed.

This is a 20 Line slot game where you can place a stake of 1p per line if you like meaning for all 20 lines with a line stake of 1p that would mean your total bet would be 20p (1p x 20 Lines = 20p). If your more of a gambler then you can increase your stake all the way up to £200 a spin if you like. It all depends how much money your willing to gamble away, and as always on here we recommend gambling with money you can afford to lose.

Winning on Rainbow Richies is great fun, you have your usual standard letter symbols on the reels including, 10, J, Q, K and A. Then you have your more paying out symbols such as the Rainbow Richies sign and your Wild symbols.

Slot Bonuses

There are 3 fantastic bonus rounds on the Rainbow Richies Slot Game which are:


  • Road to Richies Bonus – In order to get to this bonus you need 3 or more Road to Richies symbols to be placed anywhere on any of the reels. Here you will see a wheel with numbers on it, each time you press the Spin button the wheel will spin and land on a number, what ever number it lands on is the number of times you move up the board until you land on the Collect part of the wheel. The higher up the board you go the more money you will win, for example when you get on the bonus you are guaranteed X7 of whatever you bet, if you spin and land on a 2 then you move up to places to a X9. The maximum win on this game is 500 Times your total stake.
  • Wishing Well Bonus – In order to get to this bonus you need 3 or more Wishing Wells to appear anywhere on any reels, the more on your screen the greater the win. You will need to pick on a well, once selected a tub of money will be pulled up from the well and it will show you how much you’ve won, so for example it might say X10. So lets say you stake is £2 a spin, £10 times by 10 comes to £100 you will win.
  • Pots of Gold Bonus – This is the most exciting bonus of the three and you know your in for a big win if you get this bonus. To get on this bonus you will need 3 Pots of Gold to show up, 1 on the second, third and fourth reel. There will be three pots, Bronze, Silver and Gold and on the pots it will say what you will win, obviously the bronze pots are the lower amounts, solver are good amounts and gold gives you the best win. The pots will spin round and round and whatever pot lands on the arrow you will win.



Overall this is a fantastic online slot game to play and is by far one of my favourites. Fantastic bonus rounds, a great pay-out percentage, and really entertaining keeping me excited on the bonus rounds to see what ill win and if im the next jackpot winner.

The expected payout on this game is 95%

Game Maker: Virtue Fusion/Barcrest

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